µTorrent Remote 1.0.20110929 APK Download

μTorrent Remote is an application with which we can control our μTorrent client (the one we have on the computer) as long as we have an Internet connection, either through 3G or WiFi.

In this way, the application will allow us to comfortably access our downloads to see what we have already on the hard drive, what we are uploading or what is being downloaded at full speed at that time.

 µTorrent Remote 1.0.20110929 APK Download

However, the best of the application is that we can add or remove torrents at our whim from the application. In this way we can be on the street, see or remember something we want to download, and put it instantly from the Android terminal to have it as soon as we get home.

μTorrent Remote is a very useful download tool, thanks to which we can download any file easily from our terminal, to have it on our computer.