1tap receipts 2.2.2 APK Download

1tap receipts is an application that will allow us to calculate exactly how many taxes we must pay depending on the type of work we carry out. The best? We can photograph invoices and get, instantly, all the data about it. This way we will not have to spend an excessive amount of time on this kind of tedious tasks.

1tap receipts 2.2.2 APK Download

When we start using 1tap receipts we can configure our user account, choosing what our work is and establishing what use we will give to the receipt management. Once this is done, we can start focusing on what really matters: managing our receipts, calculating taxes, and ultimately keeping our work accounts perfectly up to date.

1tap receipts is an especially useful application for freelancers, because thanks to it they will be able to take all the invoices and receipts in one place. In addition, it will help us make calculations and allow us to access a ‘feed’ of relevant news.


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