Adobe Acrobat Reader APK Download Free For Android

The PDF format or portable document format in English is undoubtedly one of the most widespread types of documents on the Internet. Firstly because it is a universal format that can be opened on any operating system and platform, and secondly, because it guarantees the integrity and preservation of the original format from beginning to end of the communication chain, ensuring that its final recipient You will see exactly what your author has captured.

For those same reasons, it is also a very popular format on Android mobile devices. Okay, it may not be the kind of file that is most often shared by WhatsApp or Facebook, but it is one of the most used in email attachments, documentation that we download from any web or even the letter of a restaurant that we want to consult to go to dine. And although virtually any mobile web browser is able to open and interpret the PDF format, it is always good to have a tool dedicated exclusively to working with this format, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, the PDF viewer developed by the types Who created this standard almost 25 years ago.

Adobe Acrobat Reader APK Download Free For Android

The official Adobe app for working with PDFs.

But make no mistake, we have called reader or viewer very lightly. The truth is that if you download the APK of your mobile version to your smartphone or tablet, you will have much more than an application to see or read PDFs, but includes a series of tools with much broader functions like taking notes, print, Organize, create, fill and digitize documents in this format. In short, a complete application for working with portable documents and increase your productivity.

Acrobat Reader DC main features for Android

  • Open, read and view PDF documents, easily moving through all your pages and zooming to increase their size.
  • Different reading modes that fit your needs: single page, continuous reading, night mode, etc.
  • Take notes and add comments directly on PDF files, using sticky notes or underlined texts.
  • Possibility to digitize any document through the camera of our smartphone and save it as PDF.
  • Delete pages from your PDF documents, change them in order or introduce new pages in the middle.
  • Fill and save text fields of online forms.
  • Sign electronically any PDF document.
  • Synchronize all your PDFs with your Dropbox account and print them directly from Android.
  • Export PDF documents as fully editable Microsoft Word or Excel files.
  • Create new PDF documents and convert Office images and documents to this portable format.
  • Save your files to Document Cloud or share them with your contacts.

How much does Adobe Reader cost?

Downloading the app from Google Play to your Android mobile device is completely free. With this download you will have access to the most basic functions mentioned above: open, read, share and scan documents. However, some functions require paying a monthly or annual subscription because they are tools considered Premium. For example, to be able to convert from PDF to Word and vice versa unlimited you will need to pay a fee that is around 7 euros per month.

What’s New in the Latest Version

  • The accuracy of the tools to highlight, cross out and underline has been improved.
  • Added accessibility support for images and alternate text, headers and links.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The version of the application as well as the size and version of the operating system required depend on the device on which it is installed.
  • The app offers in-app purchases.