Adobe Premiere Clip APK Download

Adobe Premiere Clip is the official Adobe video editing application for Android devices. Like the legendary Adobe Premiere for computers, this portable version will allow us to edit video in a very simple way from our Android terminal.

One of the most striking features of Adobe Premiere Clip is its automatic video editor. This tool will allow us to create videos from several photographs or other clips, at the touch of a button. The application will be responsible for the assembly, the soundtrack, the transitions, everything. We only have to choose which files we want to integrate in the video.

Adobe Premiere Clip APK Download

Of course, in addition to this automatic editing tool, Adobe Premiere Clip has a powerful video editor. We can cut video clips, create transitions, add songs to our video, apply image filters, correct the color.

Adobe Premiere Clip is an excellent video editing tool, thanks to which we can convert our photographs and videos into real movies. Also, once we have finished creating our works, we can easily share them through Adobe’s own network.