Adventure Llama 1.1 APK Download

Adventure Llama is a platform and puzzle game in which we will control Pablo, a flame different from the others, whose hobby is to investigate ancient Inca ruins full of dangers. Our objetive? Find all the idols and artifacts that we can inside the ruins.

The control system of Adventure Llama is simple: touching the screen we will make our character jump and, if we leave the finger pressed, it will plan using balloons. The only thing we have to take into account when moving through the ruins is that our flame will always run in a straight line and will only turn when it ‘hits’ an obstacle.

 Adventure Llama 1.1 APK Download

In Adventure Llama we can visit three different temples, each of them with more than ten levels, which will pose really difficult challenges. In addition, we can also play the infinite mode, which will propose a different challenge: turn the experience into an ‘endless runner’.

Adventure Llama is a platform game with touches of puzzles, which has a very fun atmosphere and characters, as well as a pretty nice graphic section. With the coins that we get throughout our games, we can also unlock new ‘costumes’ for our flame.