ADW Launcher APK Download

ADW Launcher is an Android launcher that will allow us to customize dozens of aspects of our Android terminal, so that we can have a home screen completely to our liking.

When using the application for the first time, it will show us a series of options concerning practically all aspects of the interface of our terminal. We can choose the layout of our different desktop screens, the way we will have to alternate between one and another, the system of drawers of applications that we will use, and so on.

ADW Launcher   APK Download

In summary, basically ADW Launcher will give us the possibility to leave our Android terminal with the appearance of an iPhone, a kind of Windows Phone, or even a slightly modified version of the Android classic. All with just ‘trastear’ a little with the options.

ADW Launcher is a pretty interesting launcher, that despite not focusing on any particular function, manages to cover enough in a satisfactory way.