2.0.7 APK Download is an exclusively original online game, in which the players will control a small ball, with which they will have to try to absorb other balls smaller than him. The problem is that at the same time there will be many other players doing exactly the same … and if their ball is bigger than ours they can absorb us.

Depending on the username we use we can play with one type of ball or another. For example, if we put the name ‘Mexico’ we can play with a ball with the Mexican flag; whereas if we put ‘Doge’, we can play with the famous dog of the memes. 2.0.7 APK Download

The game system is very simple: by pressing the finger on the screen we can move freely from one side to another, dodging other larger players and trying to absorb the little ones. If we have the bad luck to be absorbed, we’ll just have to start over. is an original and fun game, whose mechanics are reminiscent of the excellent Osmos. The main difference, of course, is that on this occasion the game is primarily online and, above all, much more frenetic.