AirBrush 3.4.1 APK Download

AirBrush is a photo editor, thanks to which we can touch up any ‘selfie’ to obtain spectacular results. From the application’s own interface we can take pictures by applying the effects of retouching automatically, although of course we can also edit the photos later.

One of the advantages of AirBrush is that it has a magic wand tool, thanks to which we can apply several effects simultaneously, with just a touch. Now, we can also use all your tools manually. We can whiten teeth, enlarge eyes, reduce cheeks, smooth the skin, and much more. All with easy-to-use tools.

AirBrush 3.4.1 APK Download

Once we have finished working with one of our photographs, we will not have to save it in the memory of the terminal. As usual, we can also share it quickly through any of the social networks we have installed.

AirBrush is an excellent photo editing app, which has many useful tools, and offers an accessible interface. The application is especially designed to touch up ‘selfies’, but we can give a great touch to any photo.