AirConsole 2.2.0 APK Download

AirConsole is a tool with which you can convert your mobile device into a video game console and enjoy dozens of adventures with all your friends on the big screen, without having to buy anything or configure any element.

To make use of this utility, all the users that you are going to play with should download the tool. open in your browser the web and once you enter the access code that you will see on the screen, you can access more than forty different games. So that you and your friends can share the game, it is necessary that you all introduce the same number. Once you are all connected, you should simply choose the adventure you want to access and select your characters, game modes and other necessary elements to start.

 AirConsole 2.2.0   APK Download

The tool will become a different pushbutton or control depending on the chosen delivery, being the same option for all users. The only difference you will find in your controls will be the color, to differentiate the players in their different turns.

If you are looking for a way to play with friends on a big screen without the need of a console, AirConsole is a great tool to enjoy all together at zero cost. Play dozens of different titles and have a good time in company thanks to this utility.