Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018 2.9.25 APK Download

If you like Tycoons and you are looking for a different version, Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018 is a fun version of this series where you can manage an entire airline. In this adventure you will start your company from scratch and you will have to make sure that you grow and not fall into the red numbers to be able to amass a fortune with your business.

 Airlines Manager - Tycoon 2018 2.9.25   APK Download

The first steps in Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018 will take you to manage the most basic of your company; Give it a name, select the one that will be your main airport, choose your first route and buy your first plane. Once you have the basics, you can start making routes from one airport to another with the customers you get. Make sure you establish good prices or people will go to the competition and always look for the best services to place your company as the most chosen option to fly. All this must be done by adjusting the budget, because if you run out of money it will be difficult for you to go back and you will have sunk your business.

All the airplanes and airports that you manage in Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2018 are real elements that you can see in any of your trips in real life, so if you are a regular traveler, you can recognize the planes you buy. Open new routes and manage all the flight requests you have to get the most benefit possible and control all the air routes you can by taking any competing company off the map.