Alive In Shelter 11.9.5 APK Download

Alive In Shelter is a game of strategy and survival, in which the players will control a family with which they will have to try to survive the nuclear apocalypse. The first thing we can do is use the few seconds we have before the detonations take place to take all the supplies we can from home. We can get water, food, but it will also be useful to take a map, gas masks, flashlights or fuel.

Once inside the shelter we will have to try to survive in any way possible. For this we can cook, build different tools, and of course explore the outside to try to find something useful. But be careful, if we do not have a map and a gas mask, going outside can be very dangerous.

Alive In Shelter 11.9.5 APK Download

Depending on what we have managed to catch during the first bars of the game, the rest will be more or less difficult. For example, if during the first seconds we do not manage to rescue the son of the family, we will have one less character with which to face the whole adventure. And that will make everything considerably more difficult.

Alive In Shelter is an original and fun survival game that offers a truly addictive gaming experience. It may be that your graphic section is “too retro” for some tastes, but it is certainly worth giving it a try.