Amazon Alexa Download Free For iPhone App

Amazon Alexa Download Free For iPhone App

If you have an Alexa device at home, Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Tap, this is the application you need to install on your iPhone or iPad to remotely configure and control any of these devices equipped with the artificial intelligence developed by Amazon: light bulbs , Thermostats, switches, fans, music players, etc. With Amazon Alexa you can manage them all from your mobile device of the mark of the apple.

The app to control your Amazon Echo.

But first of all, what is this Alexa? For basically an artificial intelligence system, which keeps similarities with Siri and Cortana, which works as a personal assistant and focused mainly on the field of home automation. It was launched in 2015 by Amazon and is integrated into its Echo and Tap devices, although it is still not very popular in Spain.

What can Amazon do for me?

As it basically depends on what compatible devices you have in your home, but through the mobile application you can manage and control any action such as the following:

Control music playback on Spotify and other streaming services.

Listen to online radio stations.

Access news and weather information via voice commands.

Manage shopping lists.

Set alarms.

Check the intensity of the lights or vary the temperature of the air conditioning.

How does this app work?

Once installed, you only have to interact with your Alexa device as you normally would, but now all these interactions are automatically sent to your iOS device so that you can exercise more control over them. Just make sure you have your mobile device connected to the same wifi that the other devices are connected to.

Requirements and additional information:

Requires iOS 8.0 or higher operating system.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.