Apex Launcher 3.3.3 APK Download

Apex Launcher is an Android launcher loaded with features that will allow us to customize our home screen in terminals with Ice Cream Sandwich.

The options that the application makes available to its users are the following: customizable home screen and up to nine different ones so that we can rotate them, a ‘dock’ with space for up to seven icons, infinite ‘scroll’ and elastic anywhere in the terminal, different effects of transition between one screen and another, or the possibility of hiding certain elements such as the status bar or even the ‘dock’.

Apex Launcher 3.3.3 APK Download

To all this we must add the possibilities of customizing icons and folders, sorting all our applications in the different drawers by different criteria, or customize different gestures to do in the home screen (pinch, expand, etc.). In short, we will have dozens of different features for our Android terminal.

Apex Launcher is a good configuration tool for the terminal, which has many possibilities when it comes to personalizing our mobile phone. Maybe it’s not the most elegant launcher we can find, but it’s very functional, of course.