Asana 5.33.9 APK Download

Asana is an application that will allow us to manage projects and work groups, in a comfortable way. From it we can create tasks (with their corresponding descriptions), engage in conversations with other users, create reminders and much more.

The first thing that we will have to do when creating a project in Asana will be to add the members of the working group. For this, each of the members will need a user account in Asana, so we will have to send the corresponding invitations directly from the app itself. Luckily, the process is very fast.

 Asana 5.33.9 APK Download

Thanks to the convenient interface of the application we can carry out any task in a matter of seconds. From creating a new project to assigning delivery dates, through writing a comment about any activity. We can also add items to our favorites, or use the search tool to quickly find any task.

Asana is a project management application that offers an elegant and comfortable interface to work with. A very interesting application as long as our group does not exceed 15 people … in which case it would not be wrong to create several subgroups.