Asked iPhone 2.38 Download Apk For IOS

Asked iPhone 2.38 Download Apk For IOS Asked is the iPhone and iPad version of the rave trivia. Play online against users from around the world and scale to the top of the ranking Among the question-and-answer games for iPhone, one of the most successful are Questioned, also known as Trivia Crack by its English name. This is the classic board game in which you are asked questions of general culture around different topics. The difference between this one and the Trivial Pursuit (perhaps the most famous one) is that here you are offered four possible answers … because of course, do you imagine having to write by hand the one that was correct? In the 20 seconds of time to answer many would not give them time, and between that and the spelling mistakes …

Social and online question game

But also the grace of this video game developed by Etermax is a feature that we could say is inherent to smartphones and tablets thanks to the Internet and Wi-Fi networks. We are talking about the social and multiplayer component that is exploited thanks to its development in an online context. That is, we can challenge both our friends by connecting through social networks and compete with players from all over the world. Without a doubt, a way of proving ourselves to know how much we know of everything and if we are the most we know.Challenge players from any corner of the world in this Trivial online game. Many consider it the best board game for iPhone.Its characteristics make it dynamic and agile, so that we will not waste too much time on things other than spinning the roulette wheel so that we are assigned a theme and answer. These are the most outstanding:

Asked iPhone 2.38 Download Apk For IOS

  • Answer questions on 6 different topics: Geography, History, Art and Literature, Science and Technology, Entertainment and Sports.
  • Choose the answer between four possibilities.
  • 20 seconds of time to choose the correct answer.
  • Unlock achievements as you go.
  • Create your own questions that can become part of the game once approved.
  • Rate the other questions.
  • Chat inside the app with your opponent.
  • Collect letters that prove your progress.
  • Face your friends.

Participate in the weekly rankings.

All this is presented in a very simple and simple interface, in which to get around and play does not pose any problem and is available to any user. Overall this has made it one of the most recognized mobile question-and-answer video games on iPhone and iPad as well as Android smartphones and tablets. Just look at the number of ratings you have on Apple’s iTunes App Store or the number of downloads from your APK on Google Play and alternative stores like Aptoide and company.

How to play?

It’s very simple: just choose a username and your rival among your friends or wait for one to be assigned. From that moment you will face batteries questions on different topics depending on what the roulette indicates and you will have 20 seconds to answer each one. Obviously, who wins the most success.

Cheats and Hacks for Asked. It’s possible?

Well in the case of Android is easier to download a patch or a mod than iOS, you know. What happens is that although at some point they have worked, the developers of the app already worry that this is not so, and in each new update make all these hacks difficult to get free shopping items or leave it without advertising without paying.If you are really looking for a win, maybe you should take some obvious advice, such as challenging affordable opponents or starting by answering those issues that you think are easier.And nothing, you only have to play and play and if you do not know where Caperucita was going, with how many provinces limits Madrid or with how many countries limits Argentina or Germany, also study.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Error correction.
  • Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires iOS 8.0 or higher operating system.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
  • The app offers integrated shopping.