Automate 1.11.3 APK Download

Automate Beta is a tool for creating automations for Android, thanks to which we can automate hundreds of different tasks within our terminal. Activating or deactivating WiFi automatically, sending an email when arriving at a specific place, are just some of the actions that we can program.

The operation of Automate Beta is based on a series of flow diagrams to which we can add different blocks with all types of triggers and actions. In total there are more than 180 different blocks between actions, conditions, ‘triggers’ and ‘loops’. ‘Playing’ with all of them we can create an almost unlimited number of automatisms.

Automate 1.11.3   APK Download

At first, Automate Beta can be a bit overwhelming due to the complexity it presents compared to other simpler Android automators. Fortunately, Automate Beta includes predefined options so that novice users can start using it without having to spend hours experimenting.

Automate Beta is a tool with the potential to save us hours of work and many other hassles. For example, why have Wi-Fi turned on if we are in a place where we know we are not going to use it? Automate, and ready.