B612 Download APK For Android

B612 Download APK For Android

Applications like MSQRD or even Snapchat cause fury among the young and not so young people who have fun getting selfish with all kinds of filters and funny stickers. And in that sector, in the edition of self-portraits with cartoon effects, is just where the Android application B612 wants to make a name.

The best editor of selfies

How? What do you still do not know what it is? Well, it’s taking a while to download the B612 APK to your smartphone or tablet, because you will find a great image editor focused essentially on selfies, with which you can create mosaics, apply dozens of filters, add stickers in real time or simply hide defects To create the best selfie possible. All in order to create furor among your contacts in social networks and gain more followers.

“The best photos to share by WhatsApp and Facebook”.

Main features of the Selfiegenic Camera

  • More than 80 different filters.
  • Apply the diorama effect or create bullets.
  • Possibility of creating collages of up to 9 photos.
  • Create selfie movies up to 3 seconds.
  • Random filters in case you do not know which one to decide.
  • Adhesives to change your voice tone.
  • Timer for remote selfies.
  • Beauty effects to retouch the images.
  • Apply stickers in real time when taking photos with your smartphone horizontally.

A new success of NAVER

There are over 300 million users who have succumbed to the charms of this application, which not only works as an editor, as you may have imagined, but also has a camera that applies the effects in real time.

It has been developed by NAVER, the Japanese company that has created among others the instant messaging and chat application from LINE, that surely you know it among other things by all the stickers and emojis that can be used in their chats, and that has been A success in many countries.

In addition this application has a feature for many relevant: it is free. And when we say free, we mean that it does not even include in-app purchases to acquire new filters or effects, so … Better than Retrica? Well, same now.

How it works does not have much mystery: it runs the app and the user logs in with Facebook or LINE, although it can also use it without being registered, although its functions are no longer so extensive.

What’s new in the latest version:

  • More filters for the application.