BABEL-TV Download Free APK For Android 2.5

BABEL-TV is an incredible application that will allow you to not only watch any TV channel in your country in real time, but you can also browse TV channels from stations around the globe.

Perfect for long trips or boring waiting BABEL-TV puts at your disposal any TV channel in the world so you can watch it in real time from your mobile device. You just have to choose the country you would like to visit, the channel, and start enjoying your programming. Although this feature is surprising, this application is not limited to that, because thanks to its interactive menus organized by themes you can watch your favorite movies and series without the need for additional payments, there is no cheating! simply select the title you are interested in and playback will begin moments later.

Whether camping with your friends, in the car or in your own home, BABEL-TV is the perfect entertainment for those dead hours when there is nothing to do.