BalanCity 0.14 APK Download

BalanCity is a game that combines strategy and skill, in which players will have to build a city in perfect balance on a kind of balance. In this way, if we put more weight on one side of the scale than on another, our city will go to hell.

The game system of BalanCity is simple and intuitive: we just have to select the type of building we want to build, and press the screen to release it on the platform. At our disposal we will find houses, offices, power stations, police stations, fire stations, and much more. And all the buildings will be necessary. To attract citizens we will need houses, to create jobs we will need offices, to give light to those offices we will need power plants, to avoid pollution we will need trees, et cetera.

BalanCity 0.14 APK Download

The two main game modes of BalanCity are free, in which we will have to try to build the largest city we can; and the scenario mode, in which we will have to fulfill a series of objectives in cities around the world.

BalanCity is a very original game, in which we will need both a good dose of strategy and skill. The game also has a lovely pixelated graphic section.