Battle Copters 1.6.2 APK Download

Battle Copters is an action game in three dimensions in which we can put ourselves at the controls of a war helicopter, in exciting online battles. Up to eight players can face each other simultaneously, both teams and all against all.

The control system of Battle Copters is very well adapted to tactile devices. With the left virtual crosshead we can control the movement of our helicopter, while with the right virtual crosshead we will control the inclination and the height. Shots will be made automatically when an enemy enters our range.

Battle Copters 1.6.2 APK Download

Between battle and battle, players can enter the hangar and improve their helicopters. With the gains we get we can buy upgrades for our weapons, for the engine, the cockpit, the propellers or the wings. The more resistant our helicopter is, the better chances we will have out there.

Battle Copters is a very entertaining multiplayer action game, with an excellent graphic section. The game offers five totally different scenarios, as well as eight different helicopters that we can unlock as we play.