Battlelands Royale 0.5.4 APK Download

Battlelands Royale is a battle royale with an isometric perspective, in which up to twenty-four players will be able to face an island full of weapons. The last one standing, as is usual in games of this genre, will be the winner.

The Battlelands Royale control system is very simple. In the left part of the screen we will find the virtual ‘stick’ of movement, while in the right part we will have the ‘stick’ to aim and shoot. And that’s it. We will not need any other button to play and win. The weapons and kits will be taken automatically when we put on them.

 Battlelands Royale 0.5.4 APK Download

The concepts of Battlelands Royale are identical to those of Fortnite or PUBG, but on a much smaller scale. That is to say, the scenario will be reduced little by little, air cargoes will be falling with weapons, and we will have to know how to use the scenario to our advantage in order to win. The fundamental difference, of course, is that the games will last less than five minutes.

Battlelands Royale is an excellent miniature battle royale, thanks to which we can play several exciting competitive games in less than ten minutes (which is what it would take to play one at Fortnite / PUBG). The visual section of the game, in addition, is very good.