Beach Buggy Blitz 1.3.17 APK Download

Beach Buggy Blitz is a three-dimensional racing game in which players can drive a buggy on the beach, with the goal of trying to get as far as possible, driving to some Aztec ruins and beyond.

In the style of recreational racing games, players will have a time limit to reach the next checkpoint. If the timer reaches zero at some point, our vehicle will stop accelerating and the game will end.

Beach Buggy Blitz 1.3.17 APK Download

Every time we reach a new checkpoint we will be able to advance from the zone. So, although we started our race on the beach, we could visit Aztec towns and ruins, full of bridges, jumps and other dangers.

Along the way we will also meet other runners, whom we will have to try to overtake. In addition, there will also be scattered coins in the circuit. Collecting these coins we can buy all kinds of improvements for our buggy, such as higher speed, response, and so on.

Beach Buggy Blitz is an outstanding three-dimensional racing game in all aspects. Not only has a game system in a hurry and fun, but also with an outstanding visual section.