BeeTalk 3.0.8 APK Download

BeeTalk is a similar tool to Tinder, which will allow us to connect with other people who are close to our position, as long as there is a mutual interest between both people.

The operation of BeeTalk is, in fact, practically identical to that of Tinder: we will see profile pictures accompanied by the age of the person, and we will only have to swipe to the left to indicate that we are not interested, and to the right to indicate the opposite.

BeeTalk  3.0.8 APK Download

Once we have slipped a profile to the right, we will have to wait for the other person to do the same. At the moment that both people agree they can start talking through a private chat.

As in Tinder, BeeTalk will show us the profiles of the people closest to our position. If there are other users a few meters away, it will show those users, but if the closest person is 500 kilometers away, it will show us that.

BeeTalk is a very interesting tool to meet people, thanks to which your users can interact with each other in a comfortable and fast way.