Beon 4.0 IOS Download

Beon is a simple application that will allow us to have a stream of information exclusively focused on our region and our favorite activities, directly on our mobile phone.

The application has a very simple operation: it offers a series of channels that we can follow (as if it were a twitter account), and by doing so, your news will become part of a mainstream news streaming. From here we can access all the information, images and related videos that are of interest to us.

Beon 4.0 IOS Download

A very interesting feature of the application is that it will give us the possibility to send news, with photographs or videos included, directly from our mobile terminal to the newsrooms of some media included in the application. In this way, if something happens that we are being protagonists, we can pass that information quickly to professionals.

Beon is an informative tool that is just beginning, and although it still has a lot to prove and improve, it is already starting to offer some interesting features.