Big Company: Skytopia 2.14.3388 APK Download

Big Company: Skytopia is a game of strategy and management in which players can put themselves at the head of a huge floating city, which for some reason seems anchored at the time of the industrial revolution, like Columbia (Bioshock Infinite).

The Big Company game system: Skytopia is identical to that of many other games of the same genre for Android. A series of characters will be proposing missions that, once completed, will bring us experience and money. In this way we will have to go up in level. The higher our level, the more buildings we can build, the bigger we can make our city, and so on.

Big Company: Skytopia 2.14.3388 APK Download

In Big Company: Skytopia we can build more than a dozen different types of buildings, which we can improve as we upgrade. One of the most important aspects of our floating city will be commerce. Sending flying boats loaded with merchandise will also allow us to earn both money and experience.

Big Company: Skytopia is a simple but entertaining strategy game, which has a very nice graphic section and a very interesting setting. In addition, we can join other players and form clans of flying cities.