BIGO LIVE 3.16.6 IOS Download

BIGO LIVE is a social tool in which you can connect to people through live videos. The utility is based on sharing live broadcasts to which you can add with a single click. Follow hundreds of people and channels and discover a new world of possibilities with this utility.

BIGO LIVE 3.16.6  IOS Download

When you enter the application you will have access to a list of people retransmitting at that moment; Find your favorite user and follow him live. In each of the channels you can find all kinds of content. From people who take advantage of this space to share their lives to others who decide to give all kinds of rabbits on any aspect of life; Follow the best tips on fashion or the latest news on sports, for example.

All the people who get each video can actively participate so that you can share your opinions by chat and interact with other users, as well as the person who recorded the video. Save your favorite stations and never miss the content generated by your favorite profiles.