Bit Heroes 1.1.02 APK Download

Bit Heroes is an MMORPG with retro aesthetics, in which players can create their own adventurer, with which they will have to go inside dangerous dungeons full of monsters of all kinds. Of course, they can also get in touch with other players and even fight against them in PvP arenas.

When starting to play Bit Heroes we can create our hero, choosing the type and color of hair, skin color or sex. Once we have our own adventurer created, we can start looting dungeons. We will soon discover that we will not only be able to defeat enemies, but we will also be able to recruit them to join our group of dungeon looters.

Bit Heroes 1.1.02 APK Download

The combats in Bit Heroes take place in turns, although the truth is that they are very simple. In our turn we can only choose which skill we want to use, but not which enemy we want to attack. In fact, if we want to speed things up, we can increase the speed of the matches and even automate them.

As in all traditional MMORPGs, in Bit Heroes we will be able to upgrade our character and improve their skills. We can also find new pieces of equipment, such as weapons, armor, rings and other artifacts, thanks to which we will get all kinds of new powers.

Bit Heroes is a MMORPG with a lot of charm, that has an excellent visual section and an addictive game mechanics.