Blade Crafter 1.60 APK Download

Blade Crafter is a casual game in which we will have to forge weapons with which to fight lots of enemies. The more enemies destroy our weapons, the more money we will earn and the better weapons we can make, to continue destroying enemies in an infinite loop of gold and destruction.

The Blade Crafter game system is very simple: our weapons will fly across the screen damaging all the enemies they touch. Now, for every impact they give, they will lose a bit of durability. When all our weapons lose all their durability, we will have to return to the forge.

Blade Crafter 1.60 APK Download

In the forge we can invest all the money we have won to create more weapons and level up the weapons that we already have in our possession. We can build lots of types of daggers, knives, machetes and swords. In addition, we can also buy different accessories such as rings and pendants, which will provide other benefits.

Blade Crafter is a casual game that has a nice graphic section and a very simple mechanics. In total, more than a hundred levels and many other ‘bosses’ that we can defeat using our weapons.