Blades of Brim 2.7.3 APK Download

Blades of Brim is an ‘endless runner’ in three dimensions, in which players can control a group of heroes with which to travel beautiful fantasy scenarios, facing hundreds of enemies along the way. The game is developed by the same authors as Subway Surfers, and it is something that we will notice from the first minute.

The control system of Blades of Brim is the usual one of the genre … but with some very original and funny additions. For example, when we move our character laterally, we will make an attack against any enemy in that lane. Another novelty is found in the possibility of running through some walls.

Blades of Brim 2.7.3 APK Download

Throughout the games we can go completing missions and winning gold coins. In this way we can unlock new characters to join our cause, and many elements with which to customize the appearance of our heroes: new hairstyles, costumes and weapons.

Blades of Brim is an outstanding ‘endless runner’, which manages to introduce original elements within a very saturated genre. The game also has a colorful and spectacular visual section, something that is clear thanks to the wide variety of scenarios that we can cover.