Blinkist 5.4.0 APK Download

Blinkist is an application aimed at those users who want to read non-fiction books, but do not have enough time for it or simply do not like to spend a lot of time in front of a book.

The main idea behind Blinkist is to offer the user the possibility of absorbing all the knowledge of certain books, without having to spend several hours with them in their hands. In essence, what Blinkist will do is summarize books, separate them into small topics, and make them more accessible to everyone.

Blinkist 5.4.0 APK Download

The Blinkist catalog includes mainly books oriented to business and personal fulfillment. That is, almost all the books we will find in your virtual library are self-help, either to make us feel ‘happier’ or to help us ‘succeed in business’.

The interface of Blinkist is very comfortable, and it will allow us to explore its catalog, add books to our personal library, or mark books as read, with just a touch on the screen.

Blinkist is an ‘educational’ tool, thanks to which we can ‘read’ some books. The problem (or the advantage, depending on how you look at it) is that we will actually only read summaries, and that the books may not be the most interesting.