Block Craft 3D Download Apk Free For Android 2.3.11

It began at the time as an indie game, but such was its success that Minecraft grew quickly and ended up being bought in a few years by Microsoft, who is now in charge of its development and maintenance. It is present in several platforms (PC Windows, Xbox, Android, iPhone …) and its players count by millions worldwide.

However not everyone seems willing to pay to play, so for them there are those who have developed alternatives that can be downloaded for free and financed exclusively through in-app purchases. We talk about games like Block Craft 3D, sandbox type game that just like Mojang is based, mainly, on building your own world.

It is Mainly About Building

Here the user will be focused exclusively on the construction, so that part of adventure and fights of Minecraft is not. However, who likes to build with blocks and design their own cities in Block Craft will find an excellent game full of possibilities.

One of the functions that have recently joined this game is the multiplayer mode. Now it is possible to take online games and although these do not try to annihilate any adversary, it does allow to visit the cities of other players and see how they have developed their creativity.

As for the tricks issue, you can always try to download some APK mod that allows you to enjoy some kind of hack, such as unlimited resources without paying (certain items can only be purchased if purchases). However remember that, being an app that connects to some servers online, you can be banned if any abnormal behavior is detected.