Block Puzzle 1.9 APK Download

Block Puzzle is a very interesting game in which you must place an infinity of figures of different shapes and sizes on a board so that you can fill entire rows. If you like puzzles and puzzles of this style then you are in luck, since you will have a great time with this successful version of the popular format.

The gameplay of Block Puzzle is very simple, and it follows a pattern similar to tetris. On the screen you will see a blank board and a trio of figures. You can place the figures as you wish, without being able to alter their shape or orientation, with the aim of completing whole rows. Once you manage to fill a row it will disappear, you will accumulate score and you will have more free space to continue playing.

Block Puzzle 1.9 APK Download

The good thing about Block Puzzle is that you will have the possibility to play in two different ways. In the first, more classic, you just have to worry about placing the figures and getting the rows eliminated. In the second, in addition, you must worry about the bombs that will appear randomly across the board, so that if you do not make them disappear in time they will explode and precipitate your adventure to an end.

Block Puzzle is, in short, a very entertaining game with which you will spend hours and hours of guaranteed fun. Get your hands on the job and get over each game!