Block Strike 5.0.9 APK Download

Block Strike is a first person shooting game with the Minecraft aesthetic, in which we can enjoy more than forty different maps and more than a dozen game modes. Among the game modes we will find some as varied as the ‘death run’, in which we will have to run across the stage trying not to fall into any trap; the ‘AWP mode’, in which all the characters will die with a single shot; the ‘zombie mode’, in which we will have to try not to infect ourselves; or the classic ‘team deathmatch’, in which we can face other team players.

Block Strike 5.0.9   APK Download

The control system of Block Strike is very simple: in the left part of the screen we will have the left virtual crossbar with which we will be able to move our character, and in the right part we will have the rest of the buttons and the control of the camera. We can aim, shoot, use the telescopic sight (with the weapons they have), reload and jump.

Block Strike is a shooting game that combines the aesthetics of Minecraft with a frenetic and fun game system. Thanks to the great variety and originality of game modes, in addition, we will never get bored. Especially if we take into account that we can play in more than forty different scenarios, some of them openly inspired by Counter-Strike classics.