Blossom Blast Saga 57.0.5 APK Download

Blossom Blast Saga is an application developed by the creators of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga in which you will put yourself in the skin of a small bee that is dedicated to make flowers buds that have not yet been opened. For this you will have to go from flower to flower collecting nectar and releasing it on top of each one so that they open.

As in Candy Crush, your goal is to unite in a single time the largest number of figures equal to each other. In any case it does not matter if you combine shoots that have not yet bloomed with plants that have already done so; what matters is that they all belong to the same species. The more you add, the greater the number of points you will get. As they sprout and develop they will disappear from the screen to give way to other seeds. Make sure everyone gets ahead.

Blossom Blast Saga 57.0.5   APK Download

This colorful puzzle will put you to the test by levels as fun as complex, in which, in the easiest, you will have to add simply a certain number of points, while in others more difficult, you must develop a strategy that will take you to complete your level away from the weeds that grow in the forest.

Connect your profile to Facebook and watch the progress of your friends in Blossom Blast Saga, try to overcome them by repeating a level as many times as necessary and challenge them to surpass your record. You will spend a good time trying to get the maximum world score of the game controlling the bee by the colorful and beautiful flowers.