BoothCool – Fun Party Booth Download Free For IOS iPhone 3.1

That of taking pictures to immortalize the best moments has passed to better life and is that, with apps like BoothCool – Fun party booth, fun and photographs reach another level.

Put on your best face and smile!

This app uses facial recognition to detect faces and add fun live effects as well as filters and animations. In addition, you can design and incorporate your own creations. Its handling is intuitive and as only defect it is possible to emphasize the excess of publicity in the free version.

How to use BoothCool?

Very simple, just open the app and point to your face: you will start to see the filters and effects appear and you can go modifying them on the fly. When you select your favorite, hit the button and the burst will start.

Once the shooting is finished, the photos will be ready to be modified. And it is not enough to add effects, you can also retouch and recharge them even more. One never gets ugly on a photo, it just does not add enough. When you hit the perfect key and get what you were looking for, you’ll have your fun pics ready to upload to Instagram.

Main Features

  • Take 4 pictures at once.
  • Quick change between front camera and rear camera.
  • Tag your photos with your location.
  • You have up to 3 seconds to put your best smile with countdown mode.
  • 4 types of filters: normal, magic hour, black and white and vignette.
  • 8 animated effects: Lovestruck, Dizzy, Bird, Bee, Smoking, Angry, Hammer and Horn.Great resolution.
  • It incorporates sound effects.
  • Deep zoom.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Minimum Operating System Requirements: iOS 7.0.
  • Compatible with:
  • iPhone
  • IPad and iPod touch.
  • Offers integrated shopping.