My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator 1.7.3 APK Download

My boy! Free – GBA Emulator is a Gameboy Advance emulator for Android terminals, thanks to which we can play almost any game of this portable console on our mobile phone or tablet.

Like all applications of this type, My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator does not include any games, but only the possibility of enjoying them if we put them in the memory card of the terminal, something that we can do with relative ease. To download the roms we will have to go to another website (there are many that provide Gameboy Advance roms).

My Boy! Free - GBA Emulator 1.7.3 APK Download

The emulator is perfectly compatible with the vast majority of console games, including Castlevania (some of the best titles in the series are for GBA), Super Mario games and even many titles of the Pokemon franchise. They all run to perfection and without jerks at any time.

In the configuration options of My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator we can modify graphic aspects of the application, change the sound, and even configure the control system.

My boy! Free – GBA Emulator, despite being a free version, has all the benefits of its payment brother. The only difference is that in this version we can not save the game at any time, something we can do in the full version. Still, we are talking about an emulator of ten.