Bricks n Balls APK Download

Bricks n Balls is a game in which we will have to throw dozens of balls against a pile of bricks, to destroy them all. Our goal will be to not leave a single brick standing on each of the more than two hundred levels of the game.

The control system of Bricks n Balls is very simple: by sliding your finger across the bottom of the screen we can aim our balls. When we release the finger, we will throw them. As usual, each ball hit will break a brick or, in case the brick is numbered, it will reduce the number.

Bricks n Balls APK Download

Each time we launch, the bricks will descend on our position. If at some point the bricks come down completely, we will lose the game and we will have to start again from the beginning.

In addition to the normal gameplay, Bricks n Balls includes several additional game modes that add a bit more variety to the game. One of them, the ‘physical mode’, will allow us to throw balls from the top of the screen, keeping in mind that the balls will move according to the laws of physics.

Bricks n Balls is an entertaining arcade, offering a variety of game modes and levels. We can be throwing balls against bricks for hours and hours.