Bright Todo 3.12.7 APK Download

Bright Todo is an application that will allow us to keep track of all our appointments and daily commitments, but it will also give us the possibility of long-term planning. All this through an elegant, intuitive and functional interface.

From the main tab of Bright All we can add a task or a habit with a single touch on the screen. When adding a new task we can write a title for it, add as many notes as we want, establish a specific date and time, and associate it instantly to one of our categories.

Bright Todo 3.12.7 APK Download

From the drop-down menu we can customize the different categories of Bright All, each of them associated with a color. Thus, we can associate red to home affairs, blue to work, and so on. In this way, when we see a task we can quickly know what it is.

Bright Everything is a great agenda application, thanks to which we can keep a tight control of our day to day. And what is better, we can do it with style, thanks to a beautiful interface where it is very easy to find everything that really matters.