BTS craft 1.5 APK Download

BTS craft is a fun strategy arcade in which we have to protect our tower from enemy attacks. For this, we have a troop of soldiers of different sizes as well as turrets, bombs and other weapons.

At the beginning of BTS craft, we will only have small soldiers who will delay the arrival of enemy troops. However, as we move forward in the game, we will receive more defense tools: larger soldiers, bombs, mines, turrets … Everything that is necessary to protect our tower.

BTS craft 1.5 APK Download

Each of the defense elements have a loading time, so we have to choose well when to use each element because then there will be a time when we will not be able to use it again. Thus, when few soldiers come, the best thing is to respond with a large soldier who kills them. When a large troop comes, it is better to respond by bombarding the area. Little by little we will go up in level and the difficulty will be increasing.

BTS craft is a really fun strategy arcade that also offers a really attractive graphic section.