Bullet Force Download Apk Free For Android 1.07

Without a doubt the benchmark in first person multiplayer shooters is Counter Strike. This game has a legion of followers who discovered in it a much more entertaining way of playing with an FPS that went beyond the then limited AI of this type of games.

Following in the wake of CS we find Bullet Force, a multiplayer FPS for Android that offers good graphics and guarantees excellent moments of action online thanks to its gameplay and different features.

An Online And Multiplayer FPS: Good Alternative To Counter Strike

If you download your APK you can enjoy a number of features that make it an excellent video game of action. You just have to ensure that you have a good performance smartphone if you want the game to be fluid and with a WiFi network whose signal arrives in conditions.

In turn offers a system of game offline, where you can face the robots of the game and that can serve you to train you face the game with other users. You can take advantage of it when you do not have access to a good data network.