Bullet Force Download Free For iPhone App

Bullet Force Download Free For iPhone App

It is customary that we find excellent first person shooters for PC, PS4 or Xbox. They are platforms that have good hardware resources that allow them to move video games of great graphic exigency. But smartphones in general, especially Android and iOS, are becoming more powerful and in what refers to video games as authentic handheld consoles.

There is more to see cases like the one that stars in Bullet Force, an iPhone FPS with very good graphics and a gameplay that has nothing to envy to the aforementioned platforms. If you like shooting games, here you will find a very good one.

A full MOBA

Up to 20 people simultaneously you will be able to play in a game of BF and also in 4 different game modes where each exploits a way to face the missions. And so much mention deserves its multiplayer property as its graphic section, very realistic and immerses the player completely in the game atmosphere.

If you are looking for an alternative to Counter Strike for iPhone here you have it.

Multiplayer shooter that supports up to 20 simultaneous players.

More than 20 weapons available, 30 different types of camouflage, lenses, laser sights, cannon accessories …

4 different game modes: free, team deathmatch, shooting and flag capture.

Adjust the settings of each game to play as you like.

Cinema mode option to enjoy the game as a viewer.

The game for now is not available for PC or Mac, but you always have the option to always download the APK to run on an Android emulator. Anyway for this type of games is when it becomes more or less essential to purchase an iPhone gamepad.

Requirements and additional information:

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Requires iOS 8.0 or higher.

The app offers integrated shopping.