Busuu APK Download

Busuu is an application to learn languages ​​that, like Duolingo, will allow us to learn a dozen different languages ​​from our Android terminal, with lessons, exams, and everything necessary to master a language.

The languages ​​available in Busuu are the following: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Japanese and Chinese. Users of the application can ‘sign up’ to any of the available courses in these languages ​​and start doing all the lessons.

Busuu APK Download

Thanks to Busuu it will be possible to practice writing and reading a language, as well as listening. The vast majority of tests will be written, but we will also find some in which we will have to use the ear to respond correctly to an activity.

Some of the activities that Busuu users can carry out are: vocabulary and grammar exercises, audio dialogues, and, of course, interactive exams. Approving these last ones we will be able to advance in our language.

Busuu is an excellent application for learning languages, which has a clean and comfortable interface, and a huge amount of content.