Candy Patrol 2.1.1 APK Download

Candy Patrol is an action game in which we will control a young man, who must defend a field of lollipops from the attack of some evil monsters thirsty for sugar. Luckily our character will be armed with a powerful supersonic slingshot and a variety of technological gadgets.

The control system of Candy Patrol is simple: by pressing the screen we can aim and shoot with our slingshot, while to use special skills we will only have to drag them to the area where we want to activate them. Our goal will be to prevent the monsters from stealing the candies. And it will not be easy, since we will have to face lots of different monsters, which will appear from all corners of the screen.

 Candy Patrol 2.1.1 APK Download

In Candy Patrol we will find more than thirty levels, divided into several different worlds in which we will have to meet very different objectives. As we progress through the main story, we can also upgrade our character to increase the damage of our attacks and unlock new abilities.

Candy Patrol is an action game with a fun and original approach, and an excellent graphic section.