Chained Cars Racing Rampage 1.3 APK Download

Chained Cars Racing Rampage is a fun and dangerously addictive Android game in which you must take a tour in a chained vehicle to another, trying not to break the chain. Will you be able to get it? Download the app and check it!

The game mechanism of Chained Cars Racing Rampage is very simple, and that is that you can drive the car using the controls that you will see on the screen. With them you can make the car change direction, accelerate and brake. If you use these movements correctly there will be no challenge that will resist you.

Chained Cars Racing Rampage 1.3 APK Download

And challenges, in Chained Cars Racing Rampage, you will find many. Firstly, due to the characteristics of the road, which will be full of obstacles that you must know how to overcome. Second, by the chain that joins you to the other vehicle, which means that you must adapt your driving to the speed and direction of the same without losing sight of the hostile environment. The moment the chain breaks, you will have lost and the adventure will have come to an end for you.

In Chained Cars Racing Rampage you will find many levels of increasing difficulty. Fasten your belt and surpass them all!