Chicfy 3.0.0 APK Download

Chicfy is an application for buying and selling fashion items, which brings people who want to sell handbags, shoes, dresses or T-shirts; with other people interested in buying those same clothes. All within a pleasant and comfortable environment, in a community of fashionistas.

Going up and trying to sell a garment in Chicfy is as easy as taking a picture with the terminal, and writing a brief description of the item. Of course we will also have to choose the price at which we want to sell, and specify all the important data: brand, size, season …

Chicfy 3.0.0 APK Download

One of Chicfy’s strengths is how comfortable the sales and shipping process is. And it is that the service itself will provide us with everything necessary to send the package to its destination. We will only have to approach the nearest post office with the package and the printed label, and in minutes we will have finished.

The ‘social’ section of Chicfy is also very careful. The users of the application can consult the profiles of the rest, see their ratings, take a look at the products they have for sale (or have sold), and of course they can follow each other.

Chicfy is a digital market, thanks to which we can buy and sell fashion items within a healthy and pleasant community.