Chicisimo 2.0.0 APK Download

Chicisimo is a fashion app that will allow us to discover and organize millions of ideas to wear. All users of the application can both share their own photographs (with which to provide ‘looks’ and ideas to other users) and save the ideas and style of the others. When saving a photograph, in addition, we will have to send it to a specific category. Thus, we can have different folders with names as varied as ‘ideas to go to work’, ‘ideas for appointments’ or ‘ideas to be at home’, to give some examples.

Chicisimo 2.0.0 APK Download

When sharing a photo, we can also create labels for our different clothes. In this way, when another user sees our picture, you can instantly know that the boots are from Zara and the H & M Jersey. From this label, in addition, we can quickly access other items of the same brand … or directly to other similar items (whatever the brand that is).

Find clothes and ideas for clothing is very easy with Chicisimo. We can take a look at the most popular photographs of the moment, but we can also search for garments by type or brand. We can even look for clothes by season, by fabric or by color. Everything is easy to find new ideas to wear.


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