Chomp SMS 7.18 APK Download

Chomp SMS is an application whose objective is to replace the messaging application included within each Android mobile phone, by one that offers many more possibilities at all levels. And judging by the more than five million downloads that the application has, it would seem that it is on the right track.

The features that make Chomp SMS a good alternative in the field of text messages are the following: more than eight hundred icons to use in messages, programming messages to be sent at any time, blocking numbers so that we do not can reach messages from certain contacts, possibility to sign all our messages automatically, and some more.

Chomp SMS 7.18 APK Download

The best thing about the application, however, is not that it has many interesting features, it is that they hardly consume more resources than the normal messaging tool and its download does not take more than 5 megabytes of memory.

Chomp SMS is a more interesting alternative for users who need something more when sending text messages. If that’s your case, take a look at this off-road of the messages.