Cinepic 1.7 APK Download

Cinepic is a practical tool that will allow us to make small animations composed of video, photos and audio that we can distribute in a mosaic to our desire to later share our creations in social networks.

The application allows us to select from our gallery an image or video that will serve as background for our creation. Afterwards we will manually choose which element we want to appear in each of the tables in which we have divided our project, being able to choose between several predetermined options in this regard.

Cinepic 1.7 APK Download

Finally, we can choose sounds or songs to sound in the background and also be added from our local library. Once the composition has been made, we can save it as a video in the local memory of the terminal or share it in any of the social networks that we use and that allow us to send video.

Cinepic is a simple application, but for that reason it is still practical and with some interesting results. Its greatest virtue is to export the videos in a square format, ideal to post them later on Instagram.