Cleartrip 18.3.0 APK Download

Cleartrip is an Indian booking application with which you can plan any type of trip without having to resort to agencies or different apps; With this tool you can book flights, hotels and activities, all in one, from a single interface with just a couple of clicks.

One of the great highlights of this utility is that it has a local system and a travel system in general. The first one is for Indian users, although if you want to visit the country it will also be useful for making hotel reservations within the country, for activities in your cities or for internal flights. To locate trips outside of India you will have to go to the “travel” tab, where you can do an extensive search of flights, hotels or trains outside these borders.

Cleartrip 18.3.0 APK Download

On the other hand, from Cleartrip you can take a look at any hotel room, its offers, availability, exact location and other elementary information so you always know where you are going and in what circumstances or conditions you access each accommodation. Find the best deals and save money and time in your vaijes with this utility.

When you use Cleartrip you can leave your opinion about the services contracted so that other possible clients can have a real reference of someone who has already been there. The opinions of other people will also help you make an optimal reservation based on the aspects that matter most to you.