Clue – Period Tracker 5.3.0 APK Download

Clue – Period Tracker is an application that will help us to ‘predict’ the menstrual cycle, premenstrual syndrome or the days of greatest fertility. In addition, thanks to its wide range of options, it will allow us to establish connections between the mood and the cycle.

The best of Clue – Period Tracker is its elegant interface. The application will allow us to quickly see the current cycle time, as well as many other interesting details. With just a touch on the screen, in addition, we can add any data we want to the current date.

Clue - Period Tracker 5.3.0 APK Download

We can record information as varied as mood, sexual relationships, alcohol and other drug use, type of bleeding or appetite. And pointing any of these details will be as simple as touching the screen on its corresponding icon.

Clue – Period Tracker is one of the best applications that we can find to predict the period or keep a record of it. Its comfortable interface and its huge number of features make it one of the best alternatives.